Mission Statement:

The Center for Peace Technology (CPT) is dedicated to the advancement and deployment of technological solutions that address humanity’s most complicated and immanent challenges in a manner that promotes internal, proximal, societal and environmental peace, all in unison. CPT will leverage a mission-oriented strategic technology development methodology to facilitate an accelerated approach to developing a sustainable peace technology product portfolio.

United we can end violence and injustice and achieve PEACE for us all.

What is your purpose…

Believing in peace is not naive…expecting to achieve it alone and without hard work, and a great deal of discomfort is. (Dr. J. Bruggemann)

“Peace is not the absence of conflict…
rather it is the resolution of conflict with
justice and balance, achieved through
non-violent, constructive means.”
(adapted from Dr. M. L. King Jr.)

Strategically diversifying our technology development portfolio across four primary mission elements…

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