We humans tend to do best when complex challenges are compartmentalized. This enables us to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Sending the first humans to the moon with 1960’s era technology is one of many consummate examples of such accomplishments. It conveys humankind’s aptitude towards success as we unite under a mission with great purpose, and the technology to back it. Presently, with accelerated climate change looming amongst bodies of our loved ones bloodied from raging wars, widespread violence accepted as a social norm, and epidemic levels of substance abuse and maladaptive behaviors tearing apart communities, there is no mission with greater purpose and importance than that of achieving PEACE. Admittedly, peace is, inherently, a nebulous concept. Its achievement so grandiose and complicated that our cynical perceptions, marred by life’s experiences, categorizes it as “too idealistic” and unachievable. However bleak it may seem we, humankind, have the capacity to once again prevail and achieve the improbable… perhaps not to secure full mission success, at least within a lifetime, but making great strides as we progress towards the end goal.

To do so we must once again unite under this crucial mission by compartmentalizing.

Divided into the following 4 elements we can begin our first effective steps towards success.

1) Internal Peace – Peace within ourselves, as to allow individuals the opportunity to achieve selfactualization and transcendence, as defined in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
2) Proximal Peace – Peace among family, friends, and those whose frequent interactions influence our
daily lives.
3) Societal Peace – Peace within, and across all societies, regardless of their inherent characteristics.
4) Environmental Peace – Peace with our earth and all natural entities within, and beyond it.

It is crucial that we understand and accept that peace within any single element cannot be achieved without peace being achieved in all others… they are all interconnected. For how can one rest peacefully in a home burning down around them? We must progress in all elements in unison if we are to reap the fruits of peace that unity bears. Such is the foundation of the TETRA-UNITY Philosophy and way of life.

News Releases

May 6, 2024

CPT’s Space Division has entered into an agreement with an El Paso, TX organization developing small spacecraft. CPT Space Division is offering consulting services to the organization, leveraging its 20 years of aerospace systems expertise to assist the program in realizing full mission success. The project plans to provide critical information to inform advancement of on-orbit servicing and spacecraft manufacturing capabilities… crucial to CPT’s mission to enable Space-based resource utilization.

* Actual project spacecraft not shown.

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